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Things You Must Know About Dump Truck Insurance

What is it? Dump truck insurance is a specialized insurance that protects trucking firms employing dump trucks to transport dirt, sand, gravel, rock, asphalt, and other loose materials used in building, repairing roads, operating quarries, fracking, mining, etc. Dump trucks are under the category of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and because…
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Top 6 Risk Areas for Cargo Trucks

Running a fleet of trucks is inherently dangerous. But if you and your staff are aware of the risks and are equipped with best cargo insurance to deal with them, you can develop a strategy for a fleet that is safer and more productive and has fewer accidents, penalties, and breakdowns. …
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Safe Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

Snow days are an unfortunate event if you operate a commercial truck. Regardless of the weather, you are expected to provide the product. When it’s freezing outdoors, you’ll have to go to work. You will still need to be able to operate a vehicle and transport products from one location…
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